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Helped me ensure my website was secure and running properly when I had some issues. Their proactive service and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. They had everything done on time, and kept me up to date on the process throughout. Highly recommend for anyone's IT needs!

Very knowledgeable and high energy in his business. Bought a computer and it was set up with all that we need to help our business.

Greg and the team at EagleRock Computer provide prompt and excellent service. I would highly recommend them for IT services for your business.

Recently had EagleRock help me with a few issues I was having with my website and google account. They were really great to deal with and the pricing was more than fair.
I highly recommend using them.

Greg is a true professional who has been doing this for 20 years. If you want to keep your sensitive data backed-up with someone you can trust call the experienced team at EagleRock!

Was referred to EagleRock by a friend for computer issues that I was having. Greg the owner helped me with my concerns and had a wealth of knowledge as well. Great service!!!

As we all know that virus can get into our computers and corrupt our systems. As I am a small business but totally understand that these virus just cost me time in money, during a conversation with Greg from EagleRock he suggested that I upgrade to his new anti virus program. Once mine had expired I thought that I would give it a try. He had to come on line to my computer to install and clean up the old virus so that there would be no conflict.
Although, I am always leery of people coming on my computer remotely I let him come on. I felt comfortable with this. I watched for a while as he went in and removed the other anti virus program going back for a few years. Although it took a little bit, I left Greg in charge of my computer, went out for supper and came back home just in time to tell me that I am set to go.
My computer is working great and I thank Greg for looking after my security of my computer. The trust that I have was not in vane. I would recommend Greg and EagleRock Computer to those companies that cannot to be down with due to virus on there computers, they just want to do there job.
Thanks again, another great referral partner for my clients, if I don't use the services how can I tell you what they are like.

Awesome guys an galls

Greg and his team have done a good job keeping our machines up and running properly. When there's an issue, it's addressed quickly.

A big big thank you to EagleRock Computers! I came in with an MSI laptop with a very broken charging port. The day after I dropped it off i received a call telling me what needed to be fixed and how much it would cost. It was fixed in less than a week and ready to be picked up. I had already brought it to another business to try and have it repaired and they told me I would just have to send it to Ontario to the MSI service centre. EagleRock saved me so much time and money on this repair, they’ll definitely be my first call the next time I knock something over!

If technology is lost on you, you need to connect with Greg and his team at EagleRock. I never appreciated how I was basically courting computer viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks until Greg gave me an education in how these programs operate. Also, Greg gave me great advice on making sure I had a secure domain for my customers that visit my office's website. I never in my dreams thought that a customer of mine could be harmed by simply visiting and clicking the links on my website. The simple truth is that we don't know what we don't know. But EagleRock has all the knowledge and answers, and even more importantly, a desire to help you through your IT nightmares. Highly recommend.

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