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Internet Services

EagleRock - Internet services photoHigh Speed Internet Services

It’s Time for a Change with our High Speed Internet Services. Not happy with your Internet service? We can help.

We now have many Internet Service options for connecting to the Internet with high speed broadband services. Wired, Wireless or Cellular – T1, DSL or Cable service. What is best for you?

Can we get you a better deal and save you money over your existing broadband service, both improving your uptime and speed? The answer is probably yes!
Let us perform a broadband analysis and inform you of your options. Perhaps now is the perfect time to review your entire organization’s data and voice plan, save some money and connect your remote offices and users, all at the same time.

Hosted Email Services

Are unsolicited spam, viruses and phishing attempts plaguing your organization’s inboxes and making it difficult to stay ahead of messaging threats?

EagleRock’s Hosted Email Services are the answer.

How much time do you spend dealing with these issues on a daily basis in your own inbox, and what is the real monthly cost of lost productivity to you, were you to multiply that by the number of staff you employ?

Are you concerned about e-mail regulatory compliance? According to the American Management Association, 1 in 5 employers has had their e-mail subpoenaed.

Are your local and remote staff’s e-mail challenges affecting productivity, client relationships and profits?

EagleRock’s hosted e-mail services:

  • Eliminate virus, spam and phishing threats before they reach your network.
  • Provide e-mail that is always available with an uptime guarantee.
  • Enable rapid recovery from unplanned disasters and network outages.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for e-mail retention and reporting.
  • Deliver a Secure Messaging solution with full e-mail encryption.
  • Improve communications, task management and collaboration between staff and clients.
  • Deploy quickly without up-front capital investment and reduces maintenance costs.

We mitigate messaging risks before they reach your network, reduce e-mail cost and complexity along with up-front capital investments, and help you address your compliance challenges.

How could your organization benefit from an effective hosted e-mail communications solution?

The business world is changing, and our solution eliminates the need to make large capital investments to protect and maintain secure communications between your staff and your clients.

We provide you the opportunity to leverage technology to receive the same benefits that enterprise businesses use to communicate, schedule, manage tasks and remain informed about critical business issues and events – without the enterprise cost.

Allow us to help protect you from threats and disasters, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiencies and productivity and save on costs while growing your business with our e-mail solution.

Voice Over IP Phone Solutions

Thinking about a new Phone System? Let us introduce you to VoIP and features such as Unified Messaging – where all of your voicemails are forwarded to your email for the ability to retrieve and forward messages to and from anywhere to anyone.

Or Find Me, Follow Me, where your calls can ring at your office, then your cell phone, then your home office or hotel room while traveling – always maintaining the appearance that you are available to your clients anytime.

Achieve Maximum Accessibility with our Voice Over IP Phone Solutions.

One of our clients’ favorite features of our Voice Over IP Phone Solutions is the ability to record phone calls and conferences, then email them to individuals that could not attend. There are Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet apps we can install which allow you to place and receive calls directly from your Internet-connected WiFi or Cellular device, anywhere in the world – imagine the ability to make or receive calls on your mobile device as if it was your office extension!


Other Services

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Your ability to remain continually connected is now a reality whether spending time at home, traveling for business, or on vacation.
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